Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Preparing for Autumn

   October is finally here and the air is already beginning     to feel fresh and cool. I've been more aware of the             autumn this year and as usual I've been preparing ahead for the cooler weather. 

  Creating a warm vibe is something I love the most             about  this time of year, that's why I love having extra         blankets in the main living room so we can all be warm and cosy while watching our favourite tv shows, talking endlessly or watching a movie. I also have on hand a couple of water bottles these are great for soothing aching muscles, tired feet or if your feeling a little run down can help for comfort and warmth. 

  Now is a good time to start a car weather kit, Normally   my kit will contain de-icer, screen wash, a car scraper     for snow or ice, a blanket, a pair of warm driving or        fingerless gloves and a micro fibre cloth. Its really        handy to have just the basics as in the UK the weather can go from one extreme to the other.

Autumn hues and scents is something I really adore,   I love to switch my normal fruit smoothies to a vegetable heaven, my most favourite is carrots, mixed with coconut milk, nutmeg and cinnamon, blended together make a perfect smoothie and can be enjoyed hot or cold if your not worried about calories for a little treat add
condense milk or a drizzle of honey.

I can not talk about Autumn without adding a luxurious hot chocolate. Options Belgium mint and white hot chocolate is my favourite flavours, there is something so alluring about the intense aromas that makes me feel warm and relaxed. 

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