Thursday, 11 October 2018

Switching it up for Autumn

My style is something that is always evolving, so I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces for October so far. I've  never  been one to shy away from colour, and why should I of course some may say I break fashion rules but, there is nothing to say that vibrant colours can't be worn in autumn..... My favourite knit from this season is lovely green cropped knit  from MissGuided that is so easy to style. One on the elements I was thinking about when I made this purchase was  playing with the idea of whether it can be worn with a skirt, jeans and trouser and thankfully its defiantly a all round versatile item to add to your collection.

 Primark is really hit and miss for me but ,when I went in to my local store I found this lovely high neck cream jumper. The sleeves have a gorgeous fluffy texture and the ribbed effect really work to make it a basic but stylish addition to my current style. Everyone is talking abut Disney right now and I've always adored Disney movies as a child so, when  I also found this lovely Disney themed bag I knew I had to have it,  the gold  accents add a really modern touch to the overall finish.

Luckily we are still enjoying some great weather, and blanket scarf's are such a versatile accessory to add to you autumn collection , styled correctly can make you look chic and keep you warm when the temperature begins to fall.

Spots and Leopard print tops are defiantly on trend for this season, so when I stubbled upon this lovely leopard print top I knew it would elevate my style and I instantly had in mind how I was going to style it. As most may know I only shop when items are on special offer and luckily this was at a great reduction from River Island at only £12, what I love about this top is the ruching detail around the waist and the simple colour pallet.

So of course I have to talk about the little black dress (well in this case its a black knit dress), my complete new obsession is this lovely dress I brought from River Island again this was on offer for £10 and is super easy and effort less, when styled with this red bag, adds a hint of colour without taking away from the simplicity of the overall look.


Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Preparing for Autumn

   October is finally here and the air is already beginning     to feel fresh and cool. I've been more aware of the             autumn this year and as usual I've been preparing ahead for the cooler weather. 

  Creating a warm vibe is something I love the most             about  this time of year, that's why I love having extra         blankets in the main living room so we can all be warm and cosy while watching our favourite tv shows, talking endlessly or watching a movie. I also have on hand a couple of water bottles these are great for soothing aching muscles, tired feet or if your feeling a little run down can help for comfort and warmth. 

  Now is a good time to start a car weather kit, Normally   my kit will contain de-icer, screen wash, a car scraper     for snow or ice, a blanket, a pair of warm driving or        fingerless gloves and a micro fibre cloth. Its really        handy to have just the basics as in the UK the weather can go from one extreme to the other.

Autumn hues and scents is something I really adore,   I love to switch my normal fruit smoothies to a vegetable heaven, my most favourite is carrots, mixed with coconut milk, nutmeg and cinnamon, blended together make a perfect smoothie and can be enjoyed hot or cold if your not worried about calories for a little treat add
condense milk or a drizzle of honey.

I can not talk about Autumn without adding a luxurious hot chocolate. Options Belgium mint and white hot chocolate is my favourite flavours, there is something so alluring about the intense aromas that makes me feel warm and relaxed. 


Monday, 1 October 2018

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule styling is something I've been doing for a few years and I've found it so effective when  it comes to styling pieces that I totally forgot I own. Typically speaking for me the rules are endless as I enjoy playing around with my  style, colours and textures depending on my lifestyle and the changing  seasons.

Why I find capsule living easier

I tend to work with around 45 items of clothing and shoes excluding bags and  accessories, this is because I wear very little jewellery and own a small selection of handbags, The way this works is to organise first by taking out any items that are seasonal  and place them in storage containers or somewhere where you can access them at any time, then try organising your closet by colour and not type, this way not only does it look more streamlined but, it has a polished feeling and its easier to select an effective colour pallet. Normally my capsule wardrobe will run for 2 months, however I will swap out a few items that may not be working due to the weather or lifestyle changes.

Take a couple of hours to really think about your style and how practical each item is with your lifestyle, this way you can build your wardrobe on items that you know you will wear you may find it helpful take into consideration any social or family events.

Its really important to have fun and be creative, capsule styling can be difficult to get right especially if your a beginner but, it really can be an effect way to spend less time thinking about what to wear and more time enjoying and exploring life.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

Family days out that are cost effective

For many parents its always difficult to take your children on days out and not spend a lot of money.
I do feel that many parents are unaware of free or inexpensive activities that are available in your local communities.

Community centres/family and children's centres are great starting points. These centres offer so much in variety especially for families with younger children, most sessions are free, and have a great range of play and stay sessions, book/readers sessions. baby massage, advice on caring for your families teeth and so much more. Many centres also work closely with adult education colleges, schools and professional organisation like phycologist to offer courses for parents that can range from first aid, healthy cooking, identifying domestic abuse and behaviour therapy. Staff here are highly trained there is so much to learn so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Along side the sessions some family and children's centres offer a toy library where you can borrow toys for free. I can not honestly stress enough how this has helped a great deal, specially if you are a family that are living in a small space or on a budget. Children grow so quickly and, there is nothing worse than spending money on items that are expensive and, bulky when you have the option to borrow them. Toys are in excellent condition and cleaned after each use. For more information access your local council/community website.

If you live near a local library then try to head down there to see what's on offer. Libraries have evolved over the years and  not only are they free but, they offer endless information and resources. Books are free to borrow, some libraries also offer a range of board games, audio books, pc and internet access, newspapers, magazines and DVDs  however, you may find that DVDS come at an extra cost. Libraries often offer toddler play sessions that involve sensory play, arts and crafts, music and story time and as a bonus my local library also offers the children light snacks that consist of fruits and a heathy option drink. Book sales of old books where you can  purchase books for yourself and your children prices normally range between 10p-£1 a great way to add to your bedtime story collection.

Parks are a great open space that provides fun for all the family and can offer a wide range of activities and educational fun. Try and choose a park that has a lot to offer, you may find a pond, a conservation area. outdoor gym, tennis courts, ping pong table, insect garden,  interesting art and, sculptures, a relaxing garden and a play area.

Seasonal arts and crafts are an excellent way for your children to express there creative talents. You will find that these are sometimes free or at a small cost for entry and are located locally.  They normally run during kids holidays  and a great way for children to explore different colours and textures.

Take a trip to the museum, your kids will love navigating the endless technology and displays. Fun puzzles and hunts are also part of the experience, along side interactive fun with buttons and computers packed with loads of new facts and historical information,. In the UK most museums are free and if a cost is required is a very small contribute.

If you live in a city and are lucky enough to have a city farm then do go and check them out. You will find that many are run by charity organisation's and, require a very small donation, they are often smaller than other farms but, are a great way to introduce your family to farm animals and, most will  have a coffee shop and a play/ picnic area, where your children can have some fun after visiting the animals.

Go swimming although there is a cost involved this is very minimal and probably one of my favourites for families who  have children of differ ages. Bonuses Include  qualified  life guards. heated pools and you will normally have a training or children's pool  and a pool for older children and adults.  Many pools have swimming aids like floating toys, sinkers and floats/noodles are available for everyone to explore, however if in doubt you can always bring along your own for extra fun. You can add swimming into your routine by going weekly or a monthly treat, Swimming is also a great source of exercise and can be soothing if you suffer from aching muscles.

To complete your day, remember to bring plenty of light snacks and water to keep hydrated,  for the sunnier days a small amount of change for ice cream is always a must have.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Relationship goals - Work Life Balance lets discuss

Specific goals are an important element to any relationship, whether you have determined you are going to be life long partners, get married or you choose to co-habit its really important to know each others direction in life.

My Guide and Goals 

Love, feelings and Intimacy
Work life balance

Creating a better Work Life Balance in your relationship (exploring date nights)

Over the years I've learnt is its important that you both take time out to talk about what's on your mind, and what you would like to achieve collectively while taking into consideration your personal achievements and how you would like your partner to support you with your journey.

The art of relationships can be a complex, but a joyful experience and finding ways to make it work
for you both can sometimes be challenging.

Often many couples are faced with the situation where they struggle with work life balance, working in demanding jobs and juggling, children, hobbies, having a social circle and maintaining a relationship .I'm opening this up for discussion. I would like to know what your ideas are on relationship goals, focusing with the topic of work life balance.

One theory is to have a selective day or days a week where you focus on just your commitment to each other. This can often be called date night or a couples weekend. These nights or long weekends can be exclusively about spending time re connecting, and talking about anything that comes to mind.

You many want to think about location this can often be determined by the seasons or weather for example during the winter you can choose activities like ice skating, going to watch a theatre production or simply trying a new eating experience.

Think outside the box, we are often programmed into this world of doing something cause we see other people enjoying that particular activity.

A lot depends on budget of course, discussing things your aspire to do can also be beneficial, as some activities take a little more careful planning. These can range from wine tasting, helicopter rides, horse riding, bike rides or hiking or having a music session together.

There are so many experiences you can enjoy as couple that can be life changing and not only bring you closer together, but it binds your element of trust and team work- actives such as climbing, abseiling, orienteering to name a few are activities that require team bonding and trust.

Alone time at home can be a more intimate affair, you can prepare a meal together or order a meal for delivery. When we choose to stay home we often use a food delivery service or buy foods that are easy to prepare, this is because the idea is our time is limited together and I would much rather spend as much quality time together as possible with very little distractions. Think about the mood, and set the tone, music, lights, smells can be elements to explore.

One thing is for sure, creating a work life balance within your relationship is achievable, with carful planning, dedication and communication.

Let me know your thoughts?


Monday, 13 November 2017

The Law of Attraction and how it helped me change my life

About a year and half ago I had a vision I think I've had this vision all my life, but I began to really think about it more seriously.

I decide that I want to start something of my own. I pondered on this for a while thinking is this even possible and how do I go about doing this. Around that time I didn't have any positive role models in my life or anybody that could direct me or give me a good source of inspiration.

My partner who I was with become a negative source in my life and made me feel secluded and like my dreams didn't matter, during this time a life changing event happened for me and I guess there was so much going on emotionally and physically. At that stage I believe it was safe to say my head was a mess. The one person that I loved and thought loved me,could help raise my sprit's and make me feel good about myself wasn't really doing that for me.

I began to tell myself you don't need him, you can do this, you don't need anyone to follow your heart or your dreams, and do what you wanna do and do it for yourself.
Don't get me wrong I did have some fears and I became really scared, I started to read and really study exploring what do I need that can really make me feel good or what do I need to give me that element of push.  

I was having a conversation one day with my friend, she started talking about the law of attraction. Explaining to me you manifest whatever your thinking into your life so for example if your giving off negative energy that is what is going to come in your direction. So basically
if I focus on this one thing that I really, really want I'm going to make it happen, Great! I told myself.

I began to do this, but at first I thought it was a whole load of rubbish, and I didn't believe in it.
When I began to think about it, and say my thoughts out aloud and visualise that my vision had already happened "you can do this"  "you can make changes in your life" " they are going to be good and positive" and honestly speaking as soon as I started to do this things started to drastically change for me.

My mind set changed literally over night, I become a different person. It was like I had a new lease of life. I became something that I almost didn't, know I had inside me and I decided for the first time in my life I was not letting anything come in my way.

I kid you not, since then I have some really good things happen to me.  Now, I'm not talking about get rich schemes  or some people may say they manifested money into there life- no not at all, those things didn't happen for me however, I began to focus on my dreams. I began attracting the right people to help me move towards my goals. I feel like the law of attraction has given me the ability to believe in myself, and trust that my mind is a powerful tool. That when its programmed in the right way can allow you to create an abundance of thought's that are achievable.

By no means am I saying the law attraction works miracles but ask and you will receive, Hey! what's the worse that can happen, By attracting and building positive vibrations, has made me become more successful at achieving and asking for what I want. Right now I'm on my way to creating something I never thought I would ever achieve.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

how to eat healhty when you are always busy

I've always found it difficult to eat healthy because my days are so busy which leaves very little time for food prep.

 I did try meal planning but unfortunately this didn't work for our family as we all eat different foods and it became a hard task.

As I spend most of my time working from home, I'm often juggling house chores, laundry, cleaning, ironing and the list is endless then before I know it I find its time to do the school run and out the house I have to go.

My top tips

Buy bagged salad this helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare your salad and if its already prepared you are more likely to eat the healthy option then reach for a biscuit or a slice of cake.

Stock up on fruits and have them visible in a bowl. Buy fruit that can be eaten on the go for example apples. pears, banana grapes and blueberries are great options. Yes I do have tinned fruit as a treat or rice pudding these I normally eat as treats I find them very easy when I'm short on time.

Use a tier steamer- this is a very helpful kitchen gadget and you can often cook your meals all in one go.  I normally use this when I cooking my vegetables. The brand I own has a  timer that is preprogramed and also adjustable, so I don't have to keep going in and checking and has a handy 20 minute keep warm function.  I find this a great option that helps when preparing my main meal. Using the occasionally pre cooked item like  quinoa, saves so much time and once my fish or chicken and vegetables have finished cooking I can heat up and add my quinoa to my meal.

Keep your refrigerator stocked up with water, this way when you need it you can just pour yourself a glass or if your like me that loves spring water, keep bottles stored in your preferred location.

Crackers are a great snack and there are many variations these are great options, I often eat the with avocado or I make a salsa as a dip. I really don't have time to chop a whole load of tomatoes so i just use a tin of canned chopped tomatoes that already have herbs and add some onion, basil or any other herbs of your choice. I love these thins crackers they are light and come in different flavours that create texture and spice to any snack.

Cucumbers are great and can make quick easy snacks you can try making simple snacks like tuna and cucumber boats.

I often use a slow cooker as they are so cost effective, there are so many recipes that you can prepare in a slow cooker and I normally make my porridge in my slow cooker for breakfast in the morning.

I like my porridge creamy using coconut  milk I find this preferred option helps while I'm getting the kids ready for school, which means breakfast is prepared for the entire family all in one go with very little fuss.

Buying frozen fruit can also save you time, I love smoothies, but I really do no always have on hand fresh fruit of vegetables. most supermarkets stock a great variety of frozen furit and vegetable smoothie mixes. They are delicious, and I normally prepare one of these just before I go and pick my kids up from school.

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