Sunday, 24 January 2021

The Art of City living

There is something so fascinating about living in the city, firstly I must say I'm a city girl at heart but, these days I do prefer the simple life. 

Whenever I get the chance to head to the city I actually used to get really anxious. This was until I learnt how to think outside the box and, instead of looking at all the parts that added to my social anxiety, I began to explore all the elements that inspired me.

City living has always been something I considered as cosmopolitan, chic and living life in the fast lane, it really takes me back on reminiscing about cosy nights watching Sex in the city and how much I felt driven by Carrie's Bradshaw. Carrie was a fashionista with a flair, she lived in the perfect apartment, was a smart independent women mastering the life of dating, friendship, fashion and living life in city of New York. 

Within many cities streets there is never a dull moment with every street corner telling a story and being an ideal place to shoot some of the most realistic images and let you artistic mind go wild. 

There is nothing more endearing than showing life as it happens, the grind, the beauty, architecture, the people, the fashion, the struggle, street performers and endless cafes, restaurants and most of all the artistic features. Art for me comes in multiple forms combining a true depiction of reality,  and in most cites you will find the art of life as it happens.

Fascinating when you really take the time to look around you will absorb the mixture of modern and old buildings and the history. 

The true beauty of any city is to experience life on foot, I recently stumble upon a lovely art gallery while browsing I didn't even know it existed, the experience I received was so personal and warm and really made me feel like exploring more and was more.

 I had the opportunity to meet one of the artist and,  speak to him about what his inspirations was,  the strangest thing is he asked me the same and my answer was simply life, life is by far my true inspiration .

One thing to remember is that living in the city can seem at times over whelming but,  enjoy every moment and take in as much culture and experiences as you need. There is no rule book stating you have to run around like your life depended upon it. 


Friday, 22 January 2021

3 Mindful Relaxation ideas for Mental Wellbeing


 We are in our third lock down, it's been a real struggle to continue to feel motivated and think of new ways that I can be creative, the world has been a very different place and I've tried not to mention the current situation but, how can I when it has become a recent way of life.  So how do I support myself while still keeping my mental and physical health in tact.

Essential oils & Diffuser 

Recently I discovered essential oils and how they can help to enhance my mood, emotions and feelings. Essential oils can be used if different ways, that's consist of aromatic use, topical use and internal use. My preferred options is currently aromatic use as this allows me to connect more with my emotions and mental wellbeing. 

I've noticed that certain scents have a calming effect on my mind I feel a sense of relaxation. My routine has consisted of using a few drops of essential oils in a diffusers before I go to bed, normally I set the diffuser while I shower so the aromas can be inhaled as I enter the room,  this helps set the mood creating a relaxation of the mind, soul and emotions for my meditation practice and has helped to enhance better sleep habits. 

ASAKUKI 300ml Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

KESOVI 400ml Essential Oils Diffuser Ultrasonic

Sunrise clock radio 

I'm an early riser and few years I've suffered with seasonal effective disorder (SAD) which has had a dramatic effect on my motivation to be productive during the winter. It's been such a struggled to get out of bed and start my day, I purchased a sunrise clock radio and this had transformed my daily routine dramatically. The clock works by simulating a sunshine gradually 30 minutes before your alarm. Depending on the brand there are many features and sounds that can help to create a ambience helping you to arise and feel refreshed. 

FITFORT Alarm Clock Wake Up Light-Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Table Bedside Lamp

Alarm Clock Wake Up Light- Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Dual


Mediation does allow you to reset your throughs and relax the mind and body. There is almost a mediation practice for every situation the process of being mindful whether you choose small movements during guided mediation or finding a comfortable place to relax and drift away can bring a sense of calm.


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Midweek Catch Up

As the days and nights have become darker, I've been spending more time making the house nice and cozy. I've always woke u early to start the day before the kids wake up, it means I can put a load of washing in the machine, write my jobs for day and complete a 10-15 minute Pilates workout. Breakfast is normally porridge followed by a handful fruits to help fill me up. 
The past mornings, I have been trying something a little different by toasting a thick slice of seeded wholemeal bread, with smashed avocado, cayenne pepper and sometimes depending on mood I will have lightly fry some mushrooms. 

This week I started adding to my home autumn/winter collection of lounge wear from H&M online

I'm finding the more cozy I become I no longer want to venture out as much. I'd much rather listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. Emily in Paris has been the series I'm watching, its been really refreshing as one of my favourite cities is Paris and I'm planning a trip there in the near future. 

I decided to met with a friend for coffee and treated myself to croissant, of course there are times when you  need to indulge and I would rather save such treats for when I'm out socially,  so I can feel like I actually tried something different. 


Thursday, 10 September 2020

Simple Living and Never Turning back LIFE UPDATE

Living the simple life
Simplicity for me is always the best solution to living a more productive life, I always wanted to be the type of women that almost has it all but, put together with very little effort. I value my time with ,my family and     I also have so many hobbies and achievements I want to explore and I knew that was only achievable if I let go of the busy and cluttered lifestyle.

Ascetically, I like my home and life to be neutral, calm and easier to manage, I've achieved this lifestyle by changing my habits and making an executive decision to live life to the fullest choosing to explore experiences, travel , food , coaching and learning.

I no long buy products that clutter my home, beauty products that I will never use, clothes that I can not wear nor do I entertain many social media platforms.

 Reflecting on my reasons for living with more flexibility, I don' regret my choice, I feel so much more fulfilled and relaxed. 

What I've been doing now we are beginning to come out of quarantine

Getting back on track has been a learning experience, so many changes and living life behind a mask socially has been a real eye opener, to just how much freedom we had and how life has changed so much. I've been using the time to ramp up my fitness and enjoy more nature walks and short local trips to museums and farms and enjoying some strawberry picking, supporting local businesses, cooking more wholesome foods and listening to podcasts. These simple trips have helped me to understand small things make me happy. I've really been discovering life through a different lens and appreciating everything.  

Updates on content and what's next

I'm working on taking this space in a new direction, I will still be posting on here while I start my new venture and eventually moving over to a new platform which enables me to be more creative. The health, wellness and educational learning and personal development is some of the topics I will be discussing and hope to share lots of brilliant ideas as well as learning from each others experiences. Please contact me at if you are a health and wellness company/coach or if you have experience with Holistic treatments, I would love to hear from you. 


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Planet based or not? Why I am no longer Gluten Free

black and red cherries on white bowl

Simplifying my needs when it comes to food intake why I am no longer Gluten free 

Explaining my dietary needs can be confusing to most, recently I have over hauled my diet after careful consideration and analysis of different food types paying attention to micro nutrients and health benefits.

I have been following a more planet based approach to my diet and in a previous post I have explained my struggles with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)  and how that has effected my food choices.
Like many,  I like foods to be interesting and involve different colours and textures but, be able to be simple and easily obtained without giving inconvenience to others when trying to prepare meals.

The benefits of planet based food also means that I no longer suffer intensely with the symptoms that triggered my IBS for example eating more whole foods combined with the goodness of fruits and vegetables means that i'm eating foods that are naturally sourced for me the results have been amazing, overall I feel better and feel more energized.

Why I don't consume Plant based ready meals or substitutes 

Food Consumer choice is at a point of being one of the most diverse mass markets in the world, Manufactures has taken this opportunity to capitalize on a growing popular sensation to offer an alternatives which is great, when done in the right way, my only observation on this idea is we are supposed to creating a generation of better thinkers when it comes to consumption of food choices however providing processed alternatives may further add to the the current health problems that society is already faced with.
These alternatives offer very little health benefits with many being filled with more calories then there meat alternatives.

Is Planet based more expensive and do I buy Organic versus Non organic

This does depend on location, however most dried whole foods consist of, rice, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and pasta. These are what we eat within our everyday meals so the price here is not that different, although if you buy in bulk you will find that you save a lot of money.

Some thing to have in mind is that I had to to shop more often for fresh produce as these do have a shorter shelf life. I know that you can buy frozen fruits and vegetables  or freeze a lot of fresh produce but,  for me I never really liked the taste of frozen foods with that being said, I'm fortunate to be served very well with supermarkets and conveniences stores so this has never been a problem.

I must say that supermarkets generally have a higher price point for items, such as plant based milk, cheese or tinned foods and sauces bu,t if you buy there own brand it can be slightly cheaper.

Personally I only shop organic if its within my budget and for this I apply the basic principles of the 12 dirty dozen which are foods that should be brought organic were possible, as these would potentially  have the most amount of pesticides,  and the clean 15 which is a list of fruits and vegetables that contain the least amount of pesticides and should be OK to buy conventionally.

Lastly I would like to say that making changes in any situation should be a transition and should be discussed with a dietitian or GP if in doubt.


Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Can we as women really have it all?

Being a women and a mother I  was recently asked this question by my daughter, as I carefully controlled my response which was pretty daunting I realised I really didn't know the correct answer to such a broad question.

It got me thinking and took me back to time when I was just a child growing up in a society where technology and women's rights was evolving.
I was raised by my mother who was of Caribbean decent, a strong women who for as long as
I remember worked 2 jobs to raise myself and my 4 other siblings.

 I was lucky enough to have an entire army of very strong and hard working women around me of family and friends- its really true what they say cause it really did a take a village to raise me and shape me into the woman I' am today.

I remember attending a Saturday school that taught me about my heritage both African and Caribbean our history and our legacy.

This become the beginning of my understanding that being a women of such an important heritage I have so much excellence to give, I never wanted my ancestor's to have fought in vein for the right to be recognised as equals so, I proceeded to take up every opportunity I was given .

I remember my mother and my aunt always telling me that anything is possible if you work hard, and have determination, They also taught me not to be naive, that there will be some real bumps in the road but to keep focused and deal with such bumps with integrity and a learning experience.

 I was educated on prejudice and how I would have to work harder, not only due to the fact that I  was women of colour,  but also as a women in her on right. I further realised that element's on prejudice came in different forms nether the less I stayed level headed.

During this time I also attended an after school club for girls called Ajani the name translating into  "He who wins the struggle" that was run by women I called them women of excellence, these women knew my story cause they once lived in my shoes, they made me feel a sense of relief, that I as a women could become something great, and be an inspiration just the same way they inspired me.

These women worked hard at providing us with a safe haven and giving us light at the end of the tunnel. Its was a sisterhood, we would spend times on endless trips, activities, movies nights and team bonding but the excellence didn't stop there, individually we was all assigned our own youth leader who would then proceed to walk us home one by one after the school club was finished.

Attending church every week was a must, of which my Sunday school teacher was a women who also helped run the church choir and the summer play schemes.
Once a week I would also attend ballet lessons with my ballet teacher Alison- wow I had a busy Schedule but life was good.

At this stage I began to realise that  for most of my childhood, I had been highly influenced by strong educated women around me, they were my mentors,  and they were all women from different backgrounds.

After bringing my thought process back to current times, it made me wonder has much has changed and what kinds of barriers my children may face,  as they begin there journey through there childhood into there teens and then into the adult world. Can we really have it all, as women can we be business/career oriented, partners, wife's, mothers and still be able to have our own identity.

For sure this can be possible, but for me the real mentor ship for my daughter was to share with her my journey, no stone was left unturned as I proceeded to answer her questions one by one, her intelligence shined as I realised she was indeed a child of excellence.

 Her knowledge and understanding was overpowering and we talked about both negative and positive experiences she has encountered. True story is that my daughter at the age of 5 and 7 had two very different encounters with prejudice, but even at a young age her mind still in its innocent's she has established coping mechanisms to deal with such behaviours.

I am happy to say that I was apart of shaping the way she not only views her self but, how she views others, her peers, her elders and her care givers. The irony is we can't change the way people think but, we can change our reactions and use our platforms to educate each other in order to move past stereotypes.

 I always say one of our strongest tools is our voice,and when used in the correct way, can be one of the most powerful sources to deliver hope, encouragement and inspire each other that it is possible to have it all .


Monday, 20 May 2019

Newly Single? How to Financially Get Over Your Ex

Breakups are painful and confusing. All of a sudden, your life is completely different and you now need to deal with everything on your own — including financial matters. Even though your heart is bruised and mind is dazed, you need to take charge of your money and financially get over your ex. This is especially true if they handled the household budget or were the main breadwinner.

To avoid adding money misery to your heartache, follow these 10 tips:

Adjust Quickly

It’s natural to wallow in the pain, binging on ice cream and Netflix. However, you need to acknowledge your new reality as soon as possible. If you don’t, you could find yourself in a financial world of hurt. Once you’ve come to grips, you can make a plan.

Determine Your Living Situation

If you and your ex live together, you need to decide who stays in the house or apartment. If unmarried with the mortgage or lease in only one of your names, the decision is easy. But, if it’s a joint venture, you’ll need to partner on a solution.

For owned property, the fairest route may be to sell and split the proceeds. (Or, one of you could buy out the other.). If you are navigating a divorce, the terms of the divorce will decide what happens to the home.

For rented property, you’ll need to involve your landlord. They can make official changes to the lease so that you or your ex is no longer legally responsible for paying rent. If neither of you can afford the apartment on your own, you may need to consider advertising for a housemate, or break the lease.

Regardless of whether you’re staying or going, you need to consider the financial impact. If your ex is leaving, you’ll lose their income. If you’re leaving, you’ll lose their income and need to come up with the cash to move.

Take Stock of Possessions & Debt

A moment ago, everything was shared. Now, it’s a definite case of yours and theirs. Regardless of marital status, anything owned before the relationship typically stays with you. If you’re not married, you and your ex should divvy up items acquired together, or choose to sell them and share the profits. Joint bank accounts should be split fairly and then closed. Further, if you incurred debt together, you should divide responsibility for the balances and close those accounts (preventing your ex from racking up more debt you’d be liable for). Typically, unless there is a dispute, legal intervention is not required.

If you’re getting divorced, depending upon where you live will determine you can seek legal assistance on how assets and debts are divided  (prenuptial agreements will have an impact as well). Be sure to understand the terms of your divorce or custody arrangement, if applicable, so that you can take advantage of everything that you’re entitled to.

Tip: Don’t forget to change the name on the utility accounts! You don’t want to be responsible for paying for electricity, heat, water, or internet after you move out.

Open Up Your Own Accounts

To move forward, you need to completely separate your finances from your ex. After closing your jointly held asset and debt accounts, open up any new ones that you need. Make sure that anything tied to money is in your name only.

Make (and Stick to) a Budget

You’re now in charge of running your own household and need to set a new budget to reflect that. Add up all of your expenses, including debt payments. Then, add up all of your income sources, factoring in alimony/child support, if applicable.

If your income falls short of your expenses, you need to make quick adjustments to your spending/find ways to increase cash flow. And, even though it’s tempting, try to avoid post-breakup retail therapy, which could cause you more grief and regret.

Tip: If you’re new to budgeting (or are a little rusty), try using a worksheet like this. There are also countless online tools and calculators like these that can help. 

Update Legal Documents

Unless otherwise required by the terms of your divorce, now’s the time to take your ex out of your will and off of your list of beneficiaries. Be sure to update these documents and name new beneficiaries.

Understand Tax Implications

If you’re divorcing, consider speaking with an accountant to see how your tax liability will change. Generally, single people pay higher taxes. If your income tax withholding is set as “married,” you may want to adjust it by filling out a new form with your employer(s).

Revisit Your Retirement Plan

Since you’re now flying solo, you should re-evaluate your retirement plans. Of course, a lot can change between now and your golden years, but you should ballpark how much money you’ll need if you’re just covering yourself. If you’re divorcing, retirement plan assets accumulated while married are subject to division as part of the proceedings. This monetary gain (or loss) will impact how much more you need to save. Finally, if you’re going to be financially strapped for awhile, consider if it makes sense to suspend contributions to your retirement plan until you’re back on your feet.

Keep Tabs on Your Credit

Your credit situation will change as you close some accounts and open others. Keep a close eye on your credit report to make sure all activity reported is accurate. If you haven’t already, remove your ex as an authorized user on any accounts that you’re keeping.

Tip: If you think your ex may purposefully use your cards, consider changing your credit card account numbers or freezing your credit.

Get Help

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed, ask for help. This is a difficult time and there are resources to make this transition easier. Your family and friends can offer support, encouragement, and distraction from the current drama. Community services can connect you with food, housing assistance, career development resources, and more if you’re feeling pinched. Finally, professionals can help with the legal, mental health, and financial planning aspects of this challenging chapter.
Since every situation is different and laws vary widely from state to state, you’re encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified professional before taking action.

Final Thoughts

Ending a relationship is one of the most difficult parts of the human experience. In a way, your world is ending. But, in a way, it’s just beginning, too. If you follow the tips in this article and lean on your support system, you’ll be well on your way to owning (and loving) your new single, empowered life.
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