Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Midweek Catch Up

As the days and nights have become darker, I've been spending more time making the house nice and cozy. I've always woke u early to start the day before the kids wake up, it means I can put a load of washing in the machine, write my jobs for day and complete a 10-15 minute Pilates workout. Breakfast is normally porridge followed by a handful fruits to help fill me up. 
The past mornings, I have been trying something a little different by toasting a thick slice of seeded wholemeal bread, with smashed avocado, cayenne pepper and sometimes depending on mood I will have lightly fry some mushrooms. 

This week I started adding to my home autumn/winter collection of lounge wear from H&M online

I'm finding the more cozy I become I no longer want to venture out as much. I'd much rather listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. Emily in Paris has been the series I'm watching, its been really refreshing as one of my favourite cities is Paris and I'm planning a trip there in the near future. 

I decided to met with a friend for coffee and treated myself to croissant, of course there are times when you  need to indulge and I would rather save such treats for when I'm out socially,  so I can feel like I actually tried something different. 

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