Friday, 30 June 2017

How I prevented stretchmarks during pregnancy

I've been wanting to feature this product for sometime, and just wanted to share my thoughts and opinion on the Elemis Camellia Oil.

I have been asked many times what I have been using during my pregnancy on my skin and particular on my belly to keep it moist, and help with itching and prevention of stretchmarks. I have to say I have used Elemis camellia oil during both my pregnancies, and I personally find the product to be very effective for my skin with amazing results. Now I can't say that my results was all entirely down to this product because many factors, including, genetics and lifestyle play apart of how our skin reacts to any major change, but I do feel that the oil helped keep me skin moisturised for hours resulting in less itching, and preventing any stretchmarks forming.

The oil blend is thick in consistency with a light fragrance consisting of plant collagen and is apart of the Elemis mother to be pregnancy massage in selected salons. This product defiantly feels very luxurious and melts into the skin well, although I would recommend allowing the product to dry before applying clothing to avoid staining.

My only issue with this product was the design element, which I felt the bottle it self is elegantly made from a very solid glass material, and feels very expensive,  however I found the sliver screw on cap was very fiddly and would often fall on the floor which was a little annoying at times, however for such a small flaw I do feel that the product is great value for money, and a small investment if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling great during and after pregnancy.

I purchased this product from here or here

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, nor did I receive the product for free. All products was brought with my own money and is my honest opinion.
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