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Nadine is the writer of Nadia Elizabeth as a graduate in Media and Society she has so longed to share her life not only though a journal and writing but also though the lens of the modern day world. A keen fitness enthusiast, she has become ambassadors for fitness brands along with studying fitness and nutrition.

Nadine is looking at working on larger projects in the near future and expanding on her brand she is the founder of The life style edit x and Little box of happiness x focusing more on fitness, nutrition and mental health.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How I spend less money buying fashion Items to transition into Autumn

Boots forever 21 (old), Grey top Marks & Spencer's £17.50, Next Jeans £28, Neckless River Island (old), Black contrast bag Next £26

With the temperature becoming colder we all seem to be  finding ourselves deciding what to wear and how to make the transition from our summer wardrobe into Autumn.

Investment and strategy are the Key words

For this particular season one of the things I normally always go by is quality is better quantity,
so here is why?

You will often find that Autumn and Winter season clothing seems to be a little more expensive. Depending on fabric and style and of course the need to layer on more items, can normally mean you going down to the city mall to try on endless clothes to find the pieces that work well with your personal style. Having a strategic way to shop for such items, can be very helpful and allows you to buy only what is required. Getting used to asking yourself question such as-  how practical is the item? Can it be styled in many different ways? I'm I getting value for my money?

 Being a working mother I'm often running around after my children, so I know that anything I wear needs to work with my day to day activities.

My top tips

Always make sure you invest well into a pair of boots, as these you will wear almost everyday and they will go through many vigorous weather conditions. The better the quality the longer they will last and, sustain the weather making them more cost effective over the years. I would suggest purchasing boots that are very basic in design with a classic look, this will mean that you can bring them out year after year without them looking dated and you won't need to worry about staying on trend.

My Autumn/Winter boots collection has grown slightly over the years currently consisting of 2 knee high flat boots (which I've had for 4 years) , 1 winter snow boots and 2 heeled ankle boots.  Having a variety is good as this gives you more styling options and, can take your outfits from day into night.

Always remember your collection can be built over time, so no need to go out and make a massive spurge all in one go.

Clothing Tops & Knits
The best ways to transitions your summer wardrobe and to save money is to invest in some light knit cardigan's, these are great for adding texture and colour, and a good all round layering piece for example you can wear a camisole top, layer that with a basic long or short sleeved tee and then layer the cardigan on top.  I personally do this every year and, it works because it means I can spend less money purchasing many different items.

Generally speaking I tend to save my bigger splurges for chunky knitwear to avoid bobbling and colour fades after washes. Again the key here is to stick to simple styles and colours, adding one or two bolder colours for a fresh look.
Washing your clothes with a washing detergent that is delicate and formulated for knitwear will also keep them looking fresher for longer, I current use Woolite fabric wash, but most supermarkets will stock there own brands which can be a little cheaper.

When choosing coats or jackets for Autumn/Winter I would recommend going a size up to compensate for the fact that we are adding those extra layers. Faux leather, Faux fur, suede, tweed and the classic trench coat are great pieces that can work well as the weather gets cooler. Try to stick to basic designs and colours, however within your collection there is nothing wrong with having a few experimentally items  that can be useful and can help to make an outfit more relevant and playful.

A great way to add a pop of colour using scarfs, bags or hats, if you are like me and hate the feeling of the wind on your legs while wearing a dress or skirt them some tights for those cooler nights will help to keep you warm, try going for those thicker fabrics 60 denier or above as these will last all through the Autumn and Winter. Some stores have tights with a thermal lining, these normally will last longer as the material is more durable they are a little more on the expensive side but, trust me I haven't brought a new pair of tights in 2 years.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

1 day in London

As a family we enjoy the outdoors and exploring is a fun way to teach the kids about local history.
The day started off with one of  my favourite bus tour rides, enjoying the view from our the roof top.

First stop of course was Buckingham Palace our little one was excited to see royal history.
There are many different tour operators within the city but we used Golden Tours bus company, the buses either come with a recorded audio or a live tour guide which I have to say was a lovely touch.  Buses depart from all main tourist attractions. We purchased the a one day ticket hop and off boarding our bus Marble Arch.

I would recommend sitting on the top deck as you can see all the stunning views, people watch and take in more of the history and culture. London is a vibrant city full of many little surprises we visited Tower bridge, the National Art Museum, took a stroll around Trafalgar square, visited the  London eye,  Elizabeth tower and Kensington  palace just to name a few. We had a fantastic day and defiantly feel its a trip worth taking for all to enjoy.

I must say we very surprised just how much we learned about the history of London and how the city has transformed over the years.

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