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Relationship goals - Work Life Balance lets discuss

Specific goals are an important element to any relationship, whether you have determined you are going to be life long partners, get married or you choose to co-habit its really important to know each others direction in life.

My Guide and Goals 

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Work life balance

Creating a better Work Life Balance in your relationship (exploring date nights)

Over the years I've learnt is its important that you both take time out to talk about what's on your mind, and what you would like to achieve collectively while taking into consideration your personal achievements and how you would like your partner to support you with your journey.

The art of relationships can be a complex, but a joyful experience and finding ways to make it work
for you both can sometimes be challenging.

Often many couples are faced with the situation where they struggle with work life balance, working in demanding jobs and juggling, children, hobbies, having a social circle and maintaining a relationship .I'm opening this up for discussion. I would like to know what your ideas are on relationship goals, focusing with the topic of work life balance.

One theory is to have a selective day or days a week where you focus on just your commitment to each other. This can often be called date night or a couples weekend. These nights or long weekends can be exclusively about spending time re connecting, and talking about anything that comes to mind.

You many want to think about location this can often be determined by the seasons or weather for example during the winter you can choose activities like ice skating, going to watch a theatre production or simply trying a new eating experience.

Think outside the box, we are often programmed into this world of doing something cause we see other people enjoying that particular activity.

A lot depends on budget of course, discussing things your aspire to do can also be beneficial, as some activities take a little more careful planning. These can range from wine tasting, helicopter rides, horse riding, bike rides or hiking or having a music session together.

There are so many experiences you can enjoy as couple that can be life changing and not only bring you closer together, but it binds your element of trust and team work- actives such as climbing, abseiling, orienteering to name a few are activities that require team bonding and trust.

Alone time at home can be a more intimate affair, you can prepare a meal together or order a meal for delivery. When we choose to stay home we often use a food delivery service or buy foods that are easy to prepare, this is because the idea is our time is limited together and I would much rather spend as much quality time together as possible with very little distractions. Think about the mood, and set the tone, music, lights, smells can be elements to explore.

One thing is for sure, creating a work life balance within your relationship is achievable, with carful planning, dedication and communication.

Let me know your thoughts?

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