Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Planet based or not? Why I am no longer Gluten Free

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Simplifying my needs when it comes to food intake why I am no longer Gluten free 

Explaining my dietary needs can be confusing to most, recently I have over hauled my diet after careful consideration and analysis of different food types paying attention to micro nutrients and health benefits.

I have been following a more planet based approach to my diet and in a previous post I have explained my struggles with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)  and how that has effected my food choices.
Like many,  I like foods to be interesting and involve different colours and textures but, be able to be simple and easily obtained without giving inconvenience to others when trying to prepare meals.

The benefits of planet based food also means that I no longer suffer intensely with the symptoms that triggered my IBS for example eating more whole foods combined with the goodness of fruits and vegetables means that i'm eating foods that are naturally sourced for me the results have been amazing, overall I feel better and feel more energized.

Why I don't consume Plant based ready meals or substitutes 

Food Consumer choice is at a point of being one of the most diverse mass markets in the world, Manufactures has taken this opportunity to capitalize on a growing popular sensation to offer an alternatives which is great, when done in the right way, my only observation on this idea is we are supposed to creating a generation of better thinkers when it comes to consumption of food choices however providing processed alternatives may further add to the the current health problems that society is already faced with.
These alternatives offer very little health benefits with many being filled with more calories then there meat alternatives.

Is Planet based more expensive and do I buy Organic versus Non organic

This does depend on location, however most dried whole foods consist of, rice, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and pasta. These are what we eat within our everyday meals so the price here is not that different, although if you buy in bulk you will find that you save a lot of money.

Some thing to have in mind is that I had to to shop more often for fresh produce as these do have a shorter shelf life. I know that you can buy frozen fruits and vegetables  or freeze a lot of fresh produce but,  for me I never really liked the taste of frozen foods with that being said, I'm fortunate to be served very well with supermarkets and conveniences stores so this has never been a problem.

I must say that supermarkets generally have a higher price point for items, such as plant based milk, cheese or tinned foods and sauces bu,t if you buy there own brand it can be slightly cheaper.

Personally I only shop organic if its within my budget and for this I apply the basic principles of the 12 dirty dozen which are foods that should be brought organic were possible, as these would potentially  have the most amount of pesticides,  and the clean 15 which is a list of fruits and vegetables that contain the least amount of pesticides and should be OK to buy conventionally.

Lastly I would like to say that making changes in any situation should be a transition and should be discussed with a dietitian or GP if in doubt.

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