Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Relationship goals - Work Life Balance lets discuss

Specific goals are an important element to any relationship, whether you have determined you are going to be life long partners, get married or you choose to co-habit its really important to know each others direction in life.

My Guide and Goals 

Love, feelings and Intimacy
Work life balance

Creating a better Work Life Balance in your relationship (exploring date nights)

Over the years I've learnt is its important that you both take time out to talk about what's on your mind, and what you would like to achieve collectively while taking into consideration your personal achievements and how you would like your partner to support you with your journey.

The art of relationships can be a complex, but a joyful experience and finding ways to make it work
for you both can sometimes be challenging.

Often many couples are faced with the situation where they struggle with work life balance, working in demanding jobs and juggling, children, hobbies, having a social circle and maintaining a relationship .I'm opening this up for discussion. I would like to know what your ideas are on relationship goals, focusing with the topic of work life balance.

One theory is to have a selective day or days a week where you focus on just your commitment to each other. This can often be called date night or a couples weekend. These nights or long weekends can be exclusively about spending time re connecting, and talking about anything that comes to mind.

You many want to think about location this can often be determined by the seasons or weather for example during the winter you can choose activities like ice skating, going to watch a theatre production or simply trying a new eating experience.

Think outside the box, we are often programmed into this world of doing something cause we see other people enjoying that particular activity.

A lot depends on budget of course, discussing things your aspire to do can also be beneficial, as some activities take a little more careful planning. These can range from wine tasting, helicopter rides, horse riding, bike rides or hiking or having a music session together.

There are so many experiences you can enjoy as couple that can be life changing and not only bring you closer together, but it binds your element of trust and team work- actives such as climbing, abseiling, orienteering to name a few are activities that require team bonding and trust.

Alone time at home can be a more intimate affair, you can prepare a meal together or order a meal for delivery. When we choose to stay home we often use a food delivery service or buy foods that are easy to prepare, this is because the idea is our time is limited together and I would much rather spend as much quality time together as possible with very little distractions. Think about the mood, and set the tone, music, lights, smells can be elements to explore.

One thing is for sure, creating a work life balance within your relationship is achievable, with carful planning, dedication and communication.

Let me know your thoughts?


Monday, 13 November 2017

The Law of Attraction and how it helped me change my life

About a year and half ago I had a vision I think I've had this vision all my life, but I began to really think about it more seriously.

I decide that I want to start something of my own. I pondered on this for a while thinking is this even possible and how do I go about doing this. Around that time I didn't have any positive role models in my life or anybody that could direct me or give me a good source of inspiration.

My partner who I was with become a negative source in my life and made me feel secluded and like my dreams didn't matter, during this time a life changing event happened for me and I guess there was so much going on emotionally and physically. At that stage I believe it was safe to say my head was a mess. The one person that I loved and thought loved me,could help raise my sprit's and make me feel good about myself wasn't really doing that for me.

I began to tell myself you don't need him, you can do this, you don't need anyone to follow your heart or your dreams, and do what you wanna do and do it for yourself.
Don't get me wrong I did have some fears and I became really scared, I started to read and really study exploring what do I need that can really make me feel good or what do I need to give me that element of push.  

I was having a conversation one day with my friend, she started talking about the law of attraction. Explaining to me you manifest whatever your thinking into your life so for example if your giving off negative energy that is what is going to come in your direction. So basically
if I focus on this one thing that I really, really want I'm going to make it happen, Great! I told myself.

I began to do this, but at first I thought it was a whole load of rubbish, and I didn't believe in it.
When I began to think about it, and say my thoughts out aloud and visualise that my vision had already happened "you can do this"  "you can make changes in your life" " they are going to be good and positive" and honestly speaking as soon as I started to do this things started to drastically change for me.

My mind set changed literally over night, I become a different person. It was like I had a new lease of life. I became something that I almost didn't, know I had inside me and I decided for the first time in my life I was not letting anything come in my way.

I kid you not, since then I have some really good things happen to me.  Now, I'm not talking about get rich schemes  or some people may say they manifested money into there life- no not at all, those things didn't happen for me however, I began to focus on my dreams. I began attracting the right people to help me move towards my goals. I feel like the law of attraction has given me the ability to believe in myself, and trust that my mind is a powerful tool. That when its programmed in the right way can allow you to create an abundance of thought's that are achievable.

By no means am I saying the law attraction works miracles but ask and you will receive, Hey! what's the worse that can happen, By attracting and building positive vibrations, has made me become more successful at achieving and asking for what I want. Right now I'm on my way to creating something I never thought I would ever achieve.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

how to eat healhty when you are always busy

I've always found it difficult to eat healthy because my days are so busy which leaves very little time for food prep.

 I did try meal planning but unfortunately this didn't work for our family as we all eat different foods and it became a hard task.

As I spend most of my time working from home, I'm often juggling house chores, laundry, cleaning, ironing and the list is endless then before I know it I find its time to do the school run and out the house I have to go.

My top tips

Buy bagged salad this helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare your salad and if its already prepared you are more likely to eat the healthy option then reach for a biscuit or a slice of cake.

Stock up on fruits and have them visible in a bowl. Buy fruit that can be eaten on the go for example apples. pears, banana grapes and blueberries are great options. Yes I do have tinned fruit as a treat or rice pudding these I normally eat as treats I find them very easy when I'm short on time.

Use a tier steamer- this is a very helpful kitchen gadget and you can often cook your meals all in one go.  I normally use this when I cooking my vegetables. The brand I own has a  timer that is preprogramed and also adjustable, so I don't have to keep going in and checking and has a handy 20 minute keep warm function.  I find this a great option that helps when preparing my main meal. Using the occasionally pre cooked item like  quinoa, saves so much time and once my fish or chicken and vegetables have finished cooking I can heat up and add my quinoa to my meal.

Keep your refrigerator stocked up with water, this way when you need it you can just pour yourself a glass or if your like me that loves spring water, keep bottles stored in your preferred location.

Crackers are a great snack and there are many variations these are great options, I often eat the with avocado or I make a salsa as a dip. I really don't have time to chop a whole load of tomatoes so i just use a tin of canned chopped tomatoes that already have herbs and add some onion, basil or any other herbs of your choice. I love these thins crackers they are light and come in different flavours that create texture and spice to any snack.

Cucumbers are great and can make quick easy snacks you can try making simple snacks like tuna and cucumber boats.

I often use a slow cooker as they are so cost effective, there are so many recipes that you can prepare in a slow cooker and I normally make my porridge in my slow cooker for breakfast in the morning.

I like my porridge creamy using coconut  milk I find this preferred option helps while I'm getting the kids ready for school, which means breakfast is prepared for the entire family all in one go with very little fuss.

Buying frozen fruit can also save you time, I love smoothies, but I really do no always have on hand fresh fruit of vegetables. most supermarkets stock a great variety of frozen furit and vegetable smoothie mixes. They are delicious, and I normally prepare one of these just before I go and pick my kids up from school.


Friday, 6 October 2017

Take charge of your life and make steps to becoming your own boss

For many years I have dreamt about being the best version of myself. I come from a family of hard workers and achiever's and have always dreamt of creating my own company, and building my own brand. I wanted to be in what I would call my happy place.

When I looked at my life I realise I was stuck! and although I enjoy the job I currently do, I wanted to explore my dream career, and pursue something that I always aspired to do. By following this way of life I always thought by having job and paying my bills that I was successful in my own right,   and maybe I was,  but did I actually get the satisfaction I required, and could I see myself doing this for the rest of my life. After having children it made me realise I wanted them to have a path,  something to follow - a legacy something that they can hold on to. In this ever changing world where things are developing constantly- is just simply having a job enough?

I knew in order to achieve  my desired goal I had to change my current thought process. I began to focus and  started using the term mind over matter-  what makes me happy? how to build my confidence, how to appreciate my worth

Taking control of my life

This is not just a thought process, and not just something I inspire to do, its actually become my way of life. To feel in control of my myself, my body, my health, my thoughts, and now to implement that and be in control of my income, I had to ask myself what makes me tick, and what are the things that make me happy, what can give me financial satisfaction?

I started to writing down positive words of encouragement, and placed them anywhere that I came in contact - around the house, the car and even on my phone. I began to realise my voice the most powerful tool I had, and began to seek advice from other people I knew who had changed there life and had been successful in starting up there own businesses.

The next part was the elimination process, I discovered I no longer wanted to surround myself with people I believed was toxic in my life. Instead I proceeded to choose my circle carefully, and embrace the people that challenged me, people who had original thoughts, that are not scared to take risks, not scared of the unknown and not scared of the outcome.

With my ideas bouncing around in my head, I went to work and started putting pen to paper reeling off all my creative thoughts and putting together my vision for the future.

The next process was to accept that any vision, even mine is achievable, and to keep in mind there are a few simple steps that can take you  to that place of your desired goals.

Making small changes
Surround yourself with positive people - This is because if you believe in yourself then others should believe in you too-  the worst thing that you could here is someone telling you ways in which your business could failed, before you've even had a chance to do all your research. Positive minds think a like, and by having these individuals in your life will help to gather inspiration, and provide you with the confidence you need to strive forward.

Work smarter, not harder

 Yes you heard me the idea here is to be smart never quit your job thinking your going to make money over night I think we all can agree that is a little unrealistic, so instead use smart strategy to work on your business along side your current occupation. You will know when the time is right to take your business full time

One of the main concerns of any entrepreneur is the worry about start up cost and failure. Depending on the size of your company will depend on how much your willing to invest, but don't  allow this to put you off, put together your short, medium  and long term goals this will help determine what finances will be required to get you started.

There is always space and time for growth so don't worry and try not to force everything out all at once. Most companies only need small amount to get you starred, a office space or premises that allows you to operate your company from. . All other element's can come later depending upon the type of business you are creating .After you've obtained all your research then you can start to facter in other cost that may occur.

Use any accessible tools you have at your disposal, the internet is powerful source with so much information that is there  for you to absorb and its often free or at very little cost. The use of  social media platforms are great ways to research your target audience and your competitors. These platforms often has social groups or communities.  It can be very helpful to join such groups in your target area to get an idea of what your audiences feedback is likely to be.  Always check what topics are trending on social media this will give you idea what is current and why?

Research your competitors pay particular attention to there price, quality, and what customer service or experiences they offer.

From this you can establish you USP (unique selling point) have a look at what your company represents and how they different from other brands.

The most fun part of any business is seeing your creativity come to life.
Choosing a manufacture is not the easier part. This requires great attention to detail as you need to trust that they will deliver the product in a way the you have envisioned and they are truly on board with what your brand stands for.. Make sure when sourcing any manufacture you check to see there profile, and if they have a history of making products within your subject field. Once a sample has been provided,  test your products and get feedback to see if it meets the requirement's of your target audience.

Of course you will have some set backs, no company strives without such things happening, but keep pushing forward and believe me it will pay off.

This is where I'm at the moment . My journey is far from over, but when I look at what I've built so far I feel a sense of delight. I have to say I'm striving and making small adjustments to take control of my life and becoming my own boss has got me feeling better and better each day.


Monday, 25 September 2017


Nadine is the writer of Nadia Elizabeth as a graduate in Media and Society she has so longed to share her life not only though a journal and writing but also though the lens of the modern day world. A keen fitness enthusiast, she has become ambassadors for fitness brands along with studying fitness and nutrition.

Nadine is looking at working on larger projects in the near future and expanding on her brand she is the founder of The life style edit x and Little box of happiness x focusing more on fitness, nutrition and mental health.

contact nadiaelizabeth19@gmail.com or follow Nadine on Instagram @thelifestyleeditx


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How I spend less money buying fashion Items to transition into Autumn

Boots forever 21 (old), Grey top Marks & Spencer's £17.50, Next Jeans £28, Neckless River Island (old), Black contrast bag Next £26

With the temperature becoming colder we all seem to be  finding ourselves deciding what to wear and how to make the transition from our summer wardrobe into Autumn.

Investment and strategy are the Key words

For this particular season one of the things I normally always go by is quality is better quantity,
so here is why?

You will often find that Autumn and Winter season clothing seems to be a little more expensive. Depending on fabric and style and of course the need to layer on more items, can normally mean you going down to the city mall to try on endless clothes to find the pieces that work well with your personal style. Having a strategic way to shop for such items, can be very helpful and allows you to buy only what is required. Getting used to asking yourself question such as-  how practical is the item? Can it be styled in many different ways? I'm I getting value for my money?

 Being a working mother I'm often running around after my children, so I know that anything I wear needs to work with my day to day activities.

My top tips

Always make sure you invest well into a pair of boots, as these you will wear almost everyday and they will go through many vigorous weather conditions. The better the quality the longer they will last and, sustain the weather making them more cost effective over the years. I would suggest purchasing boots that are very basic in design with a classic look, this will mean that you can bring them out year after year without them looking dated and you won't need to worry about staying on trend.

My Autumn/Winter boots collection has grown slightly over the years currently consisting of 2 knee high flat boots (which I've had for 4 years) , 1 winter snow boots and 2 heeled ankle boots.  Having a variety is good as this gives you more styling options and, can take your outfits from day into night.

Always remember your collection can be built over time, so no need to go out and make a massive spurge all in one go.

Clothing Tops & Knits
The best ways to transitions your summer wardrobe and to save money is to invest in some light knit cardigan's, these are great for adding texture and colour, and a good all round layering piece for example you can wear a camisole top, layer that with a basic long or short sleeved tee and then layer the cardigan on top.  I personally do this every year and, it works because it means I can spend less money purchasing many different items.

Generally speaking I tend to save my bigger splurges for chunky knitwear to avoid bobbling and colour fades after washes. Again the key here is to stick to simple styles and colours, adding one or two bolder colours for a fresh look.
Washing your clothes with a washing detergent that is delicate and formulated for knitwear will also keep them looking fresher for longer, I current use Woolite fabric wash, but most supermarkets will stock there own brands which can be a little cheaper.

When choosing coats or jackets for Autumn/Winter I would recommend going a size up to compensate for the fact that we are adding those extra layers. Faux leather, Faux fur, suede, tweed and the classic trench coat are great pieces that can work well as the weather gets cooler. Try to stick to basic designs and colours, however within your collection there is nothing wrong with having a few experimentally items  that can be useful and can help to make an outfit more relevant and playful.

A great way to add a pop of colour using scarfs, bags or hats, if you are like me and hate the feeling of the wind on your legs while wearing a dress or skirt them some tights for those cooler nights will help to keep you warm, try going for those thicker fabrics 60 denier or above as these will last all through the Autumn and Winter. Some stores have tights with a thermal lining, these normally will last longer as the material is more durable they are a little more on the expensive side but, trust me I haven't brought a new pair of tights in 2 years.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

1 day in London

As a family we enjoy the outdoors and exploring is a fun way to teach the kids about local history.
The day started off with one of  my favourite bus tour rides, enjoying the view from our the roof top.

First stop of course was Buckingham Palace our little one was excited to see royal history.
There are many different tour operators within the city but we used Golden Tours bus company, the buses either come with a recorded audio or a live tour guide which I have to say was a lovely touch.  Buses depart from all main tourist attractions. We purchased the a one day ticket hop and off boarding our bus Marble Arch.

I would recommend sitting on the top deck as you can see all the stunning views, people watch and take in more of the history and culture. London is a vibrant city full of many little surprises we visited Tower bridge, the National Art Museum, took a stroll around Trafalgar square, visited the  London eye,  Elizabeth tower and Kensington  palace just to name a few. We had a fantastic day and defiantly feel its a trip worth taking for all to enjoy.

I must say we very surprised just how much we learned about the history of London and how the city has transformed over the years.


Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer beauty Products I enjoy using

Hi my loves, hope you all have had a great week , As the weather has been sizzling hot in the UK, I've found myself reaching for my summer must haves.

Clarins hydro Essentials Face Cream  {for very dry skin)  is hydrating cream that is applied day or night, if you have very dry skin then this cream works well to keep your skin moisturised throughout the day.
Just a quick note if your like me and unsure of you skin type or unsure if this product is for you head down to your local Clarins beauty representative they are great for offering advice and free samples for you to try out, and if you sign up to there mailing list they will send you an email  that explains how to use the product to get the best results.

Soap and Glory Glow Lotion is creamy lotions with a slight shimmer. applies to the body chest, legs and arms and it gives a lovely glow.

Maglicool is a cooling spray that will help to cool you down when your feeling a little over heated, it has a slight but fresh fragrance.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius what an amazing product it smells divine and a great product for keeping your feet soft and moisturised. Apply during the night slip on some socks and feel the lotion doing its work, you will soon have lovely refreshed feet all day.

Original Sprout Natural Shampoo I'm in love with this shampoo as its great for all members of the family, children and adults using organic products that are natural with no nasty chemicals and is 100% Vegan.

Bobby Brown Bronzer Pallet-  This pallet was formulated for the summer and consist of  a blush, bronzer and highlighter as I'm super busy, I just like the idea of having an all in one product that takes less time and less storage space.

Soap and Glory the Righteous body lotion I'm sure you've noticed I'm a big huge fan of Soap and Glory and this product is no exception, a lovely summer scent that last for ages, as I have really dry skin I find this product keeps my legs moisturised all day - perfect for those summer days and nights.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, nor did I receive the product for free. All products was brought with my own money and is my honest opinion.


How I prevented stretchmarks during pregnancy

I've been wanting to feature this product for sometime, and just wanted to share my thoughts and opinion on the Elemis Camellia Oil.

I have been asked many times what I have been using during my pregnancy on my skin and particular on my belly to keep it moist, and help with itching and prevention of stretchmarks. I have to say I have used Elemis camellia oil during both my pregnancies, and I personally find the product to be very effective for my skin with amazing results. Now I can't say that my results was all entirely down to this product because many factors, including, genetics and lifestyle play apart of how our skin reacts to any major change, but I do feel that the oil helped keep me skin moisturised for hours resulting in less itching, and preventing any stretchmarks forming.

The oil blend is thick in consistency with a light fragrance consisting of plant collagen and is apart of the Elemis mother to be pregnancy massage in selected salons. This product defiantly feels very luxurious and melts into the skin well, although I would recommend allowing the product to dry before applying clothing to avoid staining.

My only issue with this product was the design element, which I felt the bottle it self is elegantly made from a very solid glass material, and feels very expensive,  however I found the sliver screw on cap was very fiddly and would often fall on the floor which was a little annoying at times, however for such a small flaw I do feel that the product is great value for money, and a small investment if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling great during and after pregnancy.

I purchased this product from here or here

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, nor did I receive the product for free. All products was brought with my own money and is my honest opinion.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

A day @ Twycross Zoo

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Twycross Zoo, and we was not disappointed.
The weather was amazing, and as I was still nursing a cold it was nice to breathe some fresh country air. The zoo prides its self on being the world's primate centre hosting a huge collection of monkeys and apes many of which are sadly threaten species .

There is so much to see here from elephants, leopards, seals-birds, reptiles, and the list is endless.
They also have there own parrot sanctuary where you can walk through there garden and feed the birds, you can walk with the lemurs and visit the lovely butterfly forests, where you can see so many lovely species of butterflies fluttering around you.

The zoo is clean and welcoming, and there is a lovely little splash area for the kids where they can cool off during the lovely summer months and the children's play area is well maintain and, catered for both younger and older children.

We had a blast and after our day we took a look around the gift shop, there is plenty of choice from jewellery, toys, ornaments and books.

I can not recommend this zoo enough, its fantastic for all members of the family.

If you require refreshments there's a great selection for everyone or of course you can bring your own and have a nice picnic.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Fitness at home using simple equipment

Ok, so lets talk about fitness, and how to incorporate a workout if you have no time to hit the gym.
As a working mother it can be hard to find the time to head to my local gym, fortunately you need very little equipment to have a successful workout, and as I'm training to become a fitness instructor & personal trainer, I actually create my own workout plans for fitness at home.

The key is to utilise objects or furnishing within your household, and combined them with your favourite gym equipment.

When purchasing any equipment its import to  know exactly what you will use it for, and if the product will be of value to you. What I tend to do is look at the equipment
I enjoy using at the gym, as I workout 2 days per week at the gym, and the rest at home it was vital I invested in a few pieces as I love keeping my workouts fresh and exciting. You can build your collection over time there's no need to buy everything all at once, and only purchase if you have the space. There's nothing worse then buying products that create clutter within your home.

Products I own

A workout mat
set of free weights
skipping rope (my daughters)
hula hoops (my daughters)
yoga blocks
step board
resistance bands
stability ball

How to use your home to its full advantage

Well, lets take your stairs,  if you are living in a house or apartment with stairs use them. I often centre one of my workouts around my stairs, They are great for burst of cardio and interval training. Run, jump or walk up them, They will soon have you bursting into a sweat.

Mantel places and kitchen worktops
These are great to help with resistance training
If you have children then there toys can come in handy, I use my daughters skipping rope and hoops to create cardio intervals, and the great part is the kids can get involved too

Bedframes, sofa or a solid chair
Can help with balance and assist with leg or arm toning.

placing a towel around a sturdy door handle is a great way to work your arms

Food items, paint pots

Items such as bags of rice, tinned items or if you have any left over paint pots can be used  as weights when toning and adding resistance to your workout

Walls are awesome for push ups or wall squats. you can also use them for balance for leg toning exercises

Workout Plan

Pinterest is great for downloading workout routines, create your own for more personalised goals or head over to YouTube where you can find many fitness related information from qualified trainer's.

Workout Playlist/Podcast

Having a workout play list is also a recommendation. This will help to keep you motivated especially during those cardio burst. 
Spotify have some great playlist/podcasts available or of course you may wish to create your own my favourite playlist is - You can do it created by Spotify but there are many to choose from.

Lastly, Hydration no workout is complete without making sure the body is well hydrated.
Drink water and plenty of it, if you get bored easily then add a few pieces of fruit, lemon or fruit infused ice cubes in your water bottle, this can help give a refreshing twist.

Hope you all enjoy your workouts, let me know what equipment you enjoy using


Monday, 20 March 2017

Top 5 Gluten and dairy free products I Love

Since I was a teenager, I suffered terribly with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for years I tried every product available on the market to ease my symptoms with very little joy, I was taking medication daily and was still feeling sluggish, in pain and unable to control my emotions. My doctor would recommend eating a high fibre diet, but this just made me worse. I couldn't understand why oh why I was doing as my doctor had recommended, but still I was suffering.

Then I decided enough was enough, it was time for me to take charge of my diet without relying on medication to control my condition.

Coconut Milk Alpro Fresh Coconut Milk Alternative 1 Litre
I have converted so many of my friends and family to this product and here is why- its an excellent replacement and taste divine in porridge, tea. or you can use it when cooking dishes such as coconut rice or curries Its so versatile which makes it one of favourite's.

Gluten free porridge

There are some many different brands and it depends on the taste and texture you prefer but add your favourite fruit, honey or preferred milk and this a definite winner .

Lacto free Milk Arla Lactofree Fresh Milk Semi Skimmed
I actual us this for my daughter, I find it's great with cereals unlike the coconut milk which I personally wouldn't recommend with cereal  and as my daughter was complain if stomach ache after drinking pasteurised cows milk after switching to this I never had a problem.

Gluten Free pastaASDA Free From Fusilli
This has been one of the hardest product to find a good quality pasta that doesn't turn the water all white and slimy. My personal favourite is Asda' or Tesco's own brands they taste similar to normal pasta and I often prepare this for family and friends with no complaints.

Dairy Free yoghurt Koko Strawberry Dairy Free Yogurts  Rollback
Koko is a great brand, and I must say, I completely love this combination of coconut and strawberries . Its a great alternative to dairy or soya and if your like me and love the coconut taste then this is a great replacement product.

Luckily over the years the gluten free and diary free market has evolved . After some careful research and keeping a food diary I noticed that I had an intolerance to wheat and dairy as they both made me feel bloated and in constant pain, I wanted to try and test out what was on offer so I signed up Juvela newsletter  they also offer a free starter pack of great products, and can honestly say I never turned back. Since then I have tried so many different products from various brands and I can honestly say the taste, and variety has really developed over the years. Lastly I must say I'm not a medical, health or nutrition professional, so its important that if you have any symptom's that are bothering you, please consult with a professional first before taking action.

All picture sources taken from Asda.com


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunday bliss

As the weather in the UK continues to be rather unpredictable, its put me on mission of reminiscing on lovey sunny days, sandy beaches and ice cold drinks. The past few days I've realised that spring is finally here.

Today we decided to take the plunge and took a visit to the swimming pool. I can't tell you just how good this felt- ok so its not exactly the sandy beach I've been dreaming of, however the feeling of the water against my skin felt so good a feeling I've been longing for.

After I took a long nap, followed by a nice evening stroll. I can honestly say its the best I've felt for weeks.

How was your weekend?

Looking  forward to what the rest of the week has to offer..


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Peek of my week

This week I was feeling a little under the weather, so didn't feel to actually do much was even a struggle to get out of bed.

Its was my friends birthday,  so we went out to Hollywood Bowl and pizza.We had a lovely time, and Mya came along with us,  she had a blast.

Hoping the week ahead will be more productive. On a positive note I did take some time out for some shopping for baby. I actually found it a little harder this time around, as I'm trying to become more of a minimalist, by only purchasing items that are required.

Hope you've all had a lovely week x


Friday, 20 January 2017

Surviving a city break with children

Travelling to any city can be difficult when you have young children in tow, however with some carful planning it can be a great experience for all here is some of the things we did to make it successful. Before our trip I took  Mya to the local library to learn more about the culture, food and language for our upcoming trip.

Planning for any holiday is important, but for city breaks for short durations its defiantly something that I would recommend. Careful planning means you can make the most of your time in your chosen destination.

 For our trip to Paris I put together a list of places we wanted to visit as we was only there for 3 nights, and didn’t want to waste time deciding once there what to do. 

We took the open bus tour, and I can not recommend this enough as this was a  great  option for keeping our daughter from complaining about her tired feet, and gave us the opportunity to explore the main tourist attractions with very little fuss hopping on and off at our own convenience . They are many different tours operating in Paris our tour provider was Foxity we find they were miles cheaper then others we checked out, and as Mya was under 5 she was able to travel for free. Its a lovely way to explore the cites monuments and attractions including the Eiffel TowerArc de Triomphe  and the famous Champs-Elysées boulevard.

We enjoyed navigating ourself's around the Paris Metro system and visited the Eiffel tower where our little one took a ride on the carousel,  strolled around the Notre Dame enjoying a Nutella Crepe and spent time exploring the Jardine du Luxemburg- this park was fabulous,  so clean, and well maintained, Mya enjoyed a ride on the donkey's, they also have a lovely play area for the kids, and although there was small fee to pay I felt it was well worth it.

We travelled via Eurostar so, download a mixture of games, and kids programmes for our little one to watch, included in her backpack was

Lego pieces
Colouring pages and pens
couple of reading books
And some arts and crafts projects that you can pick up from any stationary store.

I packed all of the projects into folder as we didn't want to bring an entire colouring book as they can be bulky- you can pull pages out or print pages from the internet.

To minimise weight and load we packed all Mya's clothes in our luggage. We had a success trip and are looking forward to returning in the near future..


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A breath of fresh air...

Finally the rain has stopped, its been a continuous down pour for the past couple days.
I decided to go for a short walk for a breath of fresh air.
I felt like these past days, I've been mainly cooped up in the house doing household chores.

After dropping my little girl off to school I had scenic walk around a village close to where I live. Upon my return home was a nice pile of washing awaiting me. Whilst completing the laundry I decided to make my self a bean, tomato and potato soup (yummy)..... Today is also the day I organise my daughters homework and learning schedule.

Hope you've all had a great start to the week...

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