Thursday, 10 September 2020

Simple Living and Never Turning back LIFE UPDATE

Living the simple life
Simplicity for me is always the best solution to living a more productive life, I always wanted to be the type of women that almost has it all but, put together with very little effort. I value my time with ,my family and     I also have so many hobbies and achievements I want to explore and I knew that was only achievable if I let go of the busy and cluttered lifestyle.

Ascetically, I like my home and life to be neutral, calm and easier to manage, I've achieved this lifestyle by changing my habits and making an executive decision to live life to the fullest choosing to explore experiences, travel , food and coaching and learning.

I no long buy products that clutter my home, make up that I will never use, clothes that I can not wear nor do I entertain many social media platforms. reflecting on my reasons for living with more flexibility, I don' regret my choice, I feel so much more fulfilled and relaxed. 

What I've been doing now we are beginning to come out of quarantine

Getting back on track has been a learning experience, so many changes and living life behind a mask socially has been a real eye opener, to just how much freedom we had and how life has changed so much. I've been using the time to ramp up my fitness and enjoy more nature walks and short local trips to museums and farms and enjoying some strawberry picking, supporting local businesses, cooking more wholesome foods and listening to podcasts. These simple trips have helped me to understand small things make me happy. I've really been discovering life through a different lens and appreciating everything.  

Updates on content and what's next

I'm working on taking this space in a new direction, I will still be posting on here while I start my new venture and eventually moving over to a new platform which enables me to be more creative. The health, wellness and leaning and development is some of the topics I will be discussing and hope to share lots of brilliant ideas as well as learning from each others experiences. Please contact me at if you are a health and wellness company/coach or if you have experience with Holistic treatments, I would love to hear from you. 

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