Monday, 13 November 2017

The Law of Attraction and how it helped me change my life

About a year and half ago I had a vision I think I've had this vision all my life, but I began to really think about it more seriously.

I decide that I want to start something of my own. I pondered on this for a while thinking is this even possible and how do I go about doing this. Around that time I didn't have any positive role models in my life or anybody that could direct me or give me a good source of inspiration.

My partner who I was with become a negative source in my life and made me feel secluded and like my dreams didn't matter, during this time a life changing event happened for me and I guess there was so much going on emotionally and physically. At that stage I believe it was safe to say my head was a mess. The one person that I loved and thought loved me,could help raise my sprit's and make me feel good about myself wasn't really doing that for me.

I began to tell myself you don't need him, you can do this, you don't need anyone to follow your heart or your dreams, and do what you wanna do and do it for yourself.
Don't get me wrong I did have some fears and I became really scared, I started to read and really study exploring what do I need that can really make me feel good or what do I need to give me that element of push.  

I was having a conversation one day with my friend, she started talking about the law of attraction. Explaining to me you manifest whatever your thinking into your life so for example if your giving off negative energy that is what is going to come in your direction. So basically
if I focus on this one thing that I really, really want I'm going to make it happen, Great! I told myself.

I began to do this, but at first I thought it was a whole load of rubbish, and I didn't believe in it.
When I began to think about it, and say my thoughts out aloud and visualise that my vision had already happened "you can do this"  "you can make changes in your life" " they are going to be good and positive" and honestly speaking as soon as I started to do this things started to drastically change for me.

My mind set changed literally over night, I become a different person. It was like I had a new lease of life. I became something that I almost didn't, know I had inside me and I decided for the first time in my life I was not letting anything come in my way.

I kid you not, since then I have some really good things happen to me.  Now, I'm not talking about get rich schemes  or some people may say they manifested money into there life- no not at all, those things didn't happen for me however, I began to focus on my dreams. I began attracting the right people to help me move towards my goals. I feel like the law of attraction has given me the ability to believe in myself, and trust that my mind is a powerful tool. That when its programmed in the right way can allow you to create an abundance of thought's that are achievable.

By no means am I saying the law attraction works miracles but ask and you will receive, Hey! what's the worse that can happen, By attracting and building positive vibrations, has made me become more successful at achieving and asking for what I want. Right now I'm on my way to creating something I never thought I would ever achieve.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

how to eat healhty when you are always busy

I've always found it difficult to eat healthy because my days are so busy which leaves very little time for food prep.

 I did try meal planning but unfortunately this didn't work for our family as we all eat different foods and it became a hard task.

As I spend most of my time working from home, I'm often juggling house chores, laundry, cleaning, ironing and the list is endless then before I know it I find its time to do the school run and out the house I have to go.

My top tips

Buy bagged salad this helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare your salad and if its already prepared you are more likely to eat the healthy option then reach for a biscuit or a slice of cake.

Stock up on fruits and have them visible in a bowl. Buy fruit that can be eaten on the go for example apples. pears, banana grapes and blueberries are great options. Yes I do have tinned fruit as a treat or rice pudding these I normally eat as treats I find them very easy when I'm short on time.

Use a tier steamer- this is a very helpful kitchen gadget and you can often cook your meals all in one go.  I normally use this when I cooking my vegetables. The brand I own has a  timer that is preprogramed and also adjustable, so I don't have to keep going in and checking and has a handy 20 minute keep warm function.  I find this a great option that helps when preparing my main meal. Using the occasionally pre cooked item like  quinoa, saves so much time and once my fish or chicken and vegetables have finished cooking I can heat up and add my quinoa to my meal.

Keep your refrigerator stocked up with water, this way when you need it you can just pour yourself a glass or if your like me that loves spring water, keep bottles stored in your preferred location.

Crackers are a great snack and there are many variations these are great options, I often eat the with avocado or I make a salsa as a dip. I really don't have time to chop a whole load of tomatoes so i just use a tin of canned chopped tomatoes that already have herbs and add some onion, basil or any other herbs of your choice. I love these thins crackers they are light and come in different flavours that create texture and spice to any snack.

Cucumbers are great and can make quick easy snacks you can try making simple snacks like tuna and cucumber boats.

I often use a slow cooker as they are so cost effective, there are so many recipes that you can prepare in a slow cooker and I normally make my porridge in my slow cooker for breakfast in the morning.

I like my porridge creamy using coconut  milk I find this preferred option helps while I'm getting the kids ready for school, which means breakfast is prepared for the entire family all in one go with very little fuss.

Buying frozen fruit can also save you time, I love smoothies, but I really do no always have on hand fresh fruit of vegetables. most supermarkets stock a great variety of frozen furit and vegetable smoothie mixes. They are delicious, and I normally prepare one of these just before I go and pick my kids up from school.

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