Thursday, 12 January 2017

The start of something special

Wow... 2017 and what a year it will be, I'm excited for the coming months and of course excited for what challenges it has to offer.

Finally I'm writing my first blog post, I must say I have been really nervous about putting myself out there for so long, but I feel now is my time to share more of myself to the world.

Most who know me will know for the past few years I have suffered from social anxiety, during this time I have crossed many paths, and have come a long way however, I can honestly say I feel the most confident and comfortable I've ever felt.

Now- I'm not saying I'm completely cured,  but thanks to a lot of support and guidance I've developed a range of valuable coping skills that help me to manage my anxiety more effectively. The next step of my journey is to do something I truly enjoy and that is writing. I'm hoping this will help not only to cleanse my mind, but to share thoughts and ideas with a community I could have only dreamed to be apart of.

I'm currently expecting my second child, and I feel so blessed. Its been a tiresome few months as I battle with pregnancy sickness, family life, raising a 6 year old and working part time. As they say
life is what you make it, and sure do I intend to make the most out of every experience.

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