Thursday, 11 October 2018

Switching it up for Autumn

My style is something that is always evolving, so I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces for October so far. I've  never  been one to shy away from colour, and why should I of course some may say I break fashion rules but, there is nothing to say that vibrant colours can't be worn in autumn..... My favourite knit from this season is lovely green cropped knit  from MissGuided that is so easy to style. One on the elements I was thinking about when I made this purchase was  playing with the idea of whether it can be worn with a skirt, jeans and trouser and thankfully its defiantly a all round versatile item to add to your collection.

 Primark is really hit and miss for me but ,when I went in to my local store I found this lovely high neck cream jumper. The sleeves have a gorgeous fluffy texture and the ribbed effect really work to make it a basic but stylish addition to my current style. Everyone is talking abut Disney right now and I've always adored Disney movies as a child so, when  I also found this lovely Disney themed bag I knew I had to have it,  the gold  accents add a really modern touch to the overall finish.

Luckily we are still enjoying some great weather, and blanket scarf's are such a versatile accessory to add to you autumn collection , styled correctly can make you look chic and keep you warm when the temperature begins to fall.

Spots and Leopard print tops are defiantly on trend for this season, so when I stubbled upon this lovely leopard print top I knew it would elevate my style and I instantly had in mind how I was going to style it. As most may know I only shop when items are on special offer and luckily this was at a great reduction from River Island at only £12, what I love about this top is the ruching detail around the waist and the simple colour pallet.

So of course I have to talk about the little black dress (well in this case its a black knit dress), my complete new obsession is this lovely dress I brought from River Island again this was on offer for £10 and is super easy and effort less, when styled with this red bag, adds a hint of colour without taking away from the simplicity of the overall look.

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