Friday, 31 March 2017

Fitness at home using simple equipment

Ok, so lets talk about fitness, and how to incorporate a workout if you have no time to hit the gym.
As a working mother it can be hard to find the time to head to my local gym, fortunately you need very little equipment to have a successful workout, and as I'm training to become a fitness instructor & personal trainer, I actually create my own workout plans for fitness at home.

The key is to utilise objects or furnishing within your household, and combined them with your favourite gym equipment.

When purchasing any equipment its import to  know exactly what you will use it for, and if the product will be of value to you. What I tend to do is look at the equipment
I enjoy using at the gym, as I workout 2 days per week at the gym, and the rest at home it was vital I invested in a few pieces as I love keeping my workouts fresh and exciting. You can build your collection over time there's no need to buy everything all at once, and only purchase if you have the space. There's nothing worse then buying products that create clutter within your home.

Products I own

A workout mat
set of free weights
skipping rope (my daughters)
hula hoops (my daughters)
yoga blocks
step board
resistance bands
stability ball

How to use your home to its full advantage

Well, lets take your stairs,  if you are living in a house or apartment with stairs use them. I often centre one of my workouts around my stairs, They are great for burst of cardio and interval training. Run, jump or walk up them, They will soon have you bursting into a sweat.

Mantel places and kitchen worktops
These are great to help with resistance training
If you have children then there toys can come in handy, I use my daughters skipping rope and hoops to create cardio intervals, and the great part is the kids can get involved too

Bedframes, sofa or a solid chair
Can help with balance and assist with leg or arm toning.

placing a towel around a sturdy door handle is a great way to work your arms

Food items, paint pots

Items such as bags of rice, tinned items or if you have any left over paint pots can be used  as weights when toning and adding resistance to your workout

Walls are awesome for push ups or wall squats. you can also use them for balance for leg toning exercises

Workout Plan

Pinterest is great for downloading workout routines, create your own for more personalised goals or head over to YouTube where you can find many fitness related information from qualified trainer's.

Workout Playlist/Podcast

Having a workout play list is also a recommendation. This will help to keep you motivated especially during those cardio burst. 
Spotify have some great playlist/podcasts available or of course you may wish to create your own my favourite playlist is - You can do it created by Spotify but there are many to choose from.

Lastly, Hydration no workout is complete without making sure the body is well hydrated.
Drink water and plenty of it, if you get bored easily then add a few pieces of fruit, lemon or fruit infused ice cubes in your water bottle, this can help give a refreshing twist.

Hope you all enjoy your workouts, let me know what equipment you enjoy using

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